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The Elder’s House Youth Empowerment Center is a Non-Profit organization that believes it takes a village ito raise teen boys. Their aspiration in life is to partner with parents and provide resources to help raise their youth. This Non-Profit organization provides guidance, tools and encouragement to help raise teen boys to positive, mature, independent young men post high school graduation. The Elder’s House Youth Empowerment Center is an environment that is safe and nurturing to teens during the important stages of their lives. Their goal is to ensure teen boys receive their high school diploma, have the ability to apply and attend college, join the military or enter vocational training in interested fields. 

The Elder’s House Is Making A Difference

We were delighted to come across this Non-Profit organization and just could not resist to donate to this Worthy Cause. We grew up in smaller towns in the south and  remember having friends who did not grow up in an environment that was conducive to contribute to their wishful goals. Being introduced to The Elder’s House Youth Empowerment Center mission and goals assured us that we wanted to contribute to assisting kids to grow in stable environments that will allow them an opportunity to succeed in life. 

the Elder's House

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