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Salary+Commission: Earn $100,000 and Up…

Special Report Reveals This Exceptional Opportunity in the Only Stress-Free Real Estate Career

For (only) 2 lucky Chesapeake-area licensed agents with experience and success, it is possible: an inside sales position, following up on and nurturing qualified leads (NO cold calls). Join Reeds Real Estate, one of Chesapeake’s top real estate sales teams, and work only a 40-hour week (3-4 evenings a week and 3 of 4 weekends a month, some flexibility), 2 weeks’ vacation, NO open houses, NO buyer babysitting, TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE after hours and relax and enjoy your life. Your free days are actually free!

This is an Exceptional opportunity to earn a rewarding income! Must be able to check ego at the door and effectively represent the agents and team in exchange for the only stress-free real estate career.

Working with Reeds Real Estate is NOT for the brand new, rank amateur agent seeking a shortcut to proficiency nor is it for the failed agent unable to make a living. Instead, the agents who love this change and do well in this position have been successful, are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication and organization skills, and could continue earning a good living in “regular” real estate if they had to, but prefer a set number of hours, with their free time really, totally free to enjoy time with family or other interests and welcome the opportunity to focus on one sales function with pre-qualified leads, the freedom from endless cold prospecting, expensive advertising, intense competition and uncertain, unpredictable feast-famine roller coaster income.

If you have a quality track record, the necessary skills, and are ready to come in out of the 80-hour a week, on-call-all day-all night- all weekends rat race, we have a great place on our unique team for you.

To Order a FREE Special Report that Details this Career Opportunity, Simply Call (757) 799-4824 or Complete the Form on This Page.  Your inquiry will be held in the strictest confidence.

Your present broker/employer will not be contacted. (Note: the last time we advertised an opening at Reeds Real Estate, we were flooded with applicants and immediately filled the position. Do NOT procrastinate.)

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