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Your Home Sold For 100% Asking Price or We’ll Pay You The Difference!!

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Your Home Sold for 100% of asking price Or We’ll pay you the difference!! While many agents may promise to sell your home for the money you want, the reality of the real estate market is that this simply doesn’t always happen!! The fact of the matter is a lot of homes sell for a price that falls short of what sellers may have been led to believe.

Well, our 100% of Asking Price Program solves this dilemma. You see, BEFORE you even list with us we prepare a total market analysis of your home, including a computerized printout of all comparable home sales and current listings in the area. Using this information, together we determine market value for your home. 

This also determines your guaranteed price and list price which you receive upfront and in writing before we begin to market your home. Think of this as a better than risk free insurance policy. When you receive this guaranteed price from us in writing, you will have the security of knowing that you will receive 100% of your asking price, guaranteed.

This is a really important guarantee for you as a home seller, and you win no matter what happens. 

Let me explain: In the unlikely event that your home sells for less than the asking price we agreed on, We will pay you the difference. But you’re doubly protected, because if you receive an offer on your home that is higher than the guaranteed price, you get the higher offer, not us.

So we’re taking all the risk. You know your home will sell, and you know you will always get to benefit from the highest offer (whether it’s the asking price we determined together, or a higher offer from an outside buyer). Either way, You win

To Discuss Your Home Sale or Purchase, Call or Text Today and Start Packing!

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