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Living on Naval Station Norfolk

Fast Facts About Living on Naval Station Norfolk

What to know about living on Naval Station Norfolk.

Population (2021): 

  • 82,000 active duty personnel
  • 112,000 family members
  • 39,000 civilians

Distance from: 

  • Virginia Beach, VA: 30 min
  • Chesapeake, VA: 25 min
  • Norfolk, VA: 20 min
  • Richmond, VA: 1hr 46 min

Nearest major airport:

Branch of military: Navy

Built: 1917

Commanding Officer: Captain Janet H. Day

Best Areas to Live Close to the Naval Station Norfolk Base

If you don’t want to live directly on the base, several towns in the surrounding area offer a short commute to it. Be sure to work with a realtor who’s experienced helping veterans. That way, you can avoid the common mistakes veteran home buyers often make.


Median sale price: $289,950

First, the closest option is to live in Norfolk, where the base is located. Downtown Norfolk is only a 20-minute drive from the base. Norfolk is the third-largest city in Virginia, and it offers a variety of activities and things to do, from restaurants to local attractions like the Battleship Wisconsin.

In particular, Oceanview and Colonial Place are two great neighborhoods within Norfolk that offer different benefits. Colonial Place is a suburban neighborhood that’s closer to Norfolk and only a 15-minute drive from the base. 

Oceanview, on the other hand, is a quieter beachside community on the outskirts of Norfolk. It offers the opportunity for a great beach life, without the hustle and bustle of Virginia Beach. Oceanview is also 15 minutes from the base.


Median sale price: $225,000

Portsmouth is the other major city closest to Naval Station Norfolk. It’s a 22-minute drive from the base and offers a mix of urban and suburban characteristics. It’s also the home of the Norfolk Naval Shipyard, which builds and repairs the Navy’s ships.

Portsmouth has several historical attractions, including The Commodore Theatre, The Elizabeth River Boardwalk, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum.


Median sale price: $370,000

Chesapeake is slightly farther away from Naval Station Norfolk, about 30 minutes away. It’s the second-largest city in Virginia in terms of population. While there are some urban areas, Chesapeake is a better fit if you prefer a more rural and sparse suburban atmosphere. 

Living in Chesapeake gives you the option to spread out a bit more and own a larger plot of land. It’s also close to nature trails and recreational areas like the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge.

Virginia Beach

Median sale price: $347,000

Virginia Beach is the most populous city in Virginia, and the largest city in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area. Virginia Beach is known as a resort city that attracts many tourists every year. 

But it’s also a great place to call home, with top-rated schools for children, restaurants, parks, and of course, beaches. In particular, the Virginia Beach Boardwalk is a famous part of the town that regularly features events, festivals, and performances. Virginia Beach is located 30 minutes away from Naval Station Norfolk.

Living on the Naval Station Norfolk Base

If you’re interested in living on Naval Station Norfolk, you can rent a home if you’re accompanied by your family. Homes on base are managed by Liberty Military Housing. There are ten neighborhoods on base, which offer 1,600 homes for rent. These homes are available based on your rank and family needs.

Renting a home doesn’t have any out-of-pocket costs, deposits, or hidden fees. Homes come with several features depending on their size. These can include a fenced yard, washer and dryer hookups, and additional storage sheds. Communities on base offer amenities like parks, recreational areas, and lap pools.

If you’re an unaccompanied service member, you can apply for dorm or barrack housing on base.

What is There To Do Around Naval Station Norfolk?

Whether you’re living on Naval Station Norfolk or in one of the surrounding communities, there are plenty of activities and local attractions. Some of the most popular places to visit for locals and tourists alike include: 

  • Norfolk Botanical Garden. The largest botanical garden in Virginia. Explore 175 acres of beautiful flowers, the Butterfly House, and Children’s Garden.
  • Hermitage Museum and Gardens. Famous art museum with 12 acres of surrounding gardens. It features 5,000-year-old art.
  • African American Heritage Trail. This self-guided driving tour includes stops along six historic sites significant to Chesapeake’s African American history.
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum. Get to know the 250-year history of the oldest and largest naval shipyard in the U.S.
  • Virginia Beach Boardwalk. Walk along this three-mile boardwalk to take in the sights of the beach, dine at restaurants, and enjoy street performances. There are also nearby walking and biking trails, a fishing pier, and a playground.
  • Cape Henry Lighthouse. This historic lighthouse was the U.S.’s first federally-commissioned public works project. It’s located near the First Landing site, where settlers landed on their way to Jamestown.

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