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Living Around Newport News Naval Shipyard

Fast Facts About Living Around Newport News Naval Shipyard

What to know about living around Newport News Naval Shipyard.

Population (2021): 184,587

Cost of living: 91.3% of the national average

Median sale price: $280,000

Distance from: 

  • Virginia Beach, VA: 38 min
  • Chesapeake, VA: 39 min
  • Norfolk, VA: 30 min 
  • Richmond, VA: 1hr 10 min

Nearest major airport:

Best Areas to Live Close to the Newport News Naval Shipyard Base

If you’re working at the Newport News Naval Shipyard Base, there are many great areas near the shipyard to call home. 

No matter where you decide to live, be sure to reach out to an experienced realtor, especially if  you’re a veteran home buyer. A professional realtor can help you take advantage of VA home loans and avoid common mistakes that veteran home buyers often make.

Newport News

Median sale price: $280,000

The Newport News Naval Shipyard is located in the city of Newport News. Not only does living in the city offer the closest commute to the shipyard, but it also means you’ll live in a great community filled with history.

Newport News has a mixture of urban and dense suburban characteristics. This makes it a great place whether you’re a young professional or have a family.

One of the best neighborhoods to live in Newport News is Hilton Village, which was originally constructed for workers at the Newport News Naval Shipyard. Homes in this neighborhood are older and tend to be slightly more expensive than the surrounding area. 

However, the historic architectural styles of the homes, community safety, and central location make it an ideal spot for shipyard workers and their families.


Median sale price: $260,000

Hampton is the next best option for living around Newport News Naval Shipyard since it’s about 15 to 20 minutes away. It has a population of a little over 137,000, which makes it an urban or dense suburban atmosphere. It’s known as a good place for families and has good public schools. 

Some of the best neighborhoods in Hampton include Northampton, Fox Hill, and Buckroe Beach. 

Northampton and Fox Hill are suburban, family-friendly communities with small businesses, parks, and great schools. Buckroe Beach is a beachside community with older, bungalow-style homes. It’s family-friendly and provides some cheap living options if you’ve always wanted to live close to or right next to the beach.


Median sale price: $289,950

Norfolk offers a slightly longer commute since you’ll need to drive across the bridge over the Newport News channel. However, it’s still around a half-hour drive to 45 minutes away from Newport News, depending on traffic.

As the third-largest city in Virginia, Norfolk offers plenty of things to do and see, including a variety of restaurants. museums, and local attractions like the Battleship Wisconsin.

Within Norfolk, there are two excellent neighborhoods to consider: Colonial Place and Oceanview. Colonial Place is a suburban neighborhood located closer to the center of Norfolk. It has above-average schools and a lot of parks, which makes it great for families. 

In contrast, Oceanview is a quieter beachside community situated on the outskirts of Norfolk, offering a great beach lifestyle without the same crowds of Virginia Beach.


Median sale price: $225,000

Portsmouth is also farther away from Newport News, around half an hour to 45 minutes, depending on traffic. It’s a slightly smaller city, with a population slightly under 98,000. It offers an urban and dense suburban environment.

Portsmouth boasts numerous historical attractions, including The Commodore Theatre, The Elizabeth River Boardwalk, and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Museum. Some of the best neighborhoods in Portsmouth include Brighton, Westhaven, and Olde Towne.

Neighborhoods in Olde Towne have three centuries’ worth of historic homes, restaurants, shops, and beautiful waterfront views.

What Is There To Do Around Newport News Naval Shipyard?

Whether you’re living in Newport News or one of the surrounding communities, there are plenty of activities and local attractions around the shipyard. Some of the most popular places to visit for locals and tourists alike include: 

  • Virginia Living Museum. Experience an aquarium, science center, aviary, botanical preserve, and planetarium all in one. It’s an open-air museum and focuses on many of Virginia’s native wildlife.
  • The Mariners’ Museum and Park. This museum was designated by Congress as America’s national maritime museum, making it a must-see attraction for anyone in Newport News. It’s one of the largest maritime museums in North America.
  • Army Transportation Museum Foundation. This museum is dedicated to preserving vehicles and artifacts related to the history of transportation in the Army, including air, rail, ship, truck, container, and horse-drawn wagons.
  • Virginia War Museum. Visit this veteran-founded museum to learn about American military history, from the Revolutionary War to the present day. 
  • Lee Hall Mansion. Take a guided tour through this historic plantation house to see what life was like in the mid-Victorian era. The mansion is one of the few antebellum homes remaining in Virginia.

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