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How To Interview A Real Estate Agent In Hampton Roads

So the time has come to buy or sell a home in Hampton Roads. The next step is to find a real estate agent. This decision will have a major impact on the whole process of buying or selling your Hampton Roads home. The realtor you select will be instrumental in protecting you from trouble and helping you either make money or save money when buying or selling a home. 

As you probably guessed you need to know how to interview a prospective real estate agent in Hampton Roads. For some this might be the cause of stress. It is understandable why. It is a major decision. Knowing what to ask when you interview a prospective real estate agent in Hampton Roads has to uncover the right information so that you make the right decision on who to choose.

Getting Started On The Real Estate Agent Selection Process

Now that you have started the process of choosing a real estate agent you probably have some very pertinent questions coming to mind. Here are two immediate ones that come to mind:

  1. How do you find the best real estate agent?
  2. How can you tell they are going to look out for your interests?

If this is starting to build your anxiety, do not fret. You are not alone. There are many other people in Hampton Roads who are in the same situation. There are many facets to this process and it may be overwhelming to know where to begin.

Real Estate Agent Selection Criteria

One thing that causes a lot of home buyers or home sellers in Hampton Roads to stumble is not knowing the proper way to interview a potential agent. Subsequently if you do not have  good questions, you probably will not be able to make a good assessment of the agent.

Asking Your Potential Real Estate Agent the Right Questions

Naturally you want questions that help you make smart decisions when picking an agent. Hence, asking the right questions to your potential agent is of the utmost importance. If done right you will be able to quickly ascertain whether an agent is right for you.

That being said Here are some key questions to help you get started interviewing a prospective real estate agent in Hampton Roads: 

How Many Years Have You Been Working In Real Estate In Hampton Roads?

Experience is essential in something as complicated as buying or selling a home. The last thing you need is someone who does not know what they are doing. You need a real estate agent who is a seasoned exper. This should be someone with multiple years of experience. This includes a proven track record as well. 

A proven track record has to be there. This means the prospective agent has experience closing on multiple property types. It also means they have an intimate understanding of the Hampton Roads market. In addition they should be knowledgeable of new trends and information in the real estate industry.

How Much Experience Do You Have With Home Sellers In My Unique Situation? 

You need to make sure your prospective real estate professional has worked with Hampton Roads homebuyers, preferably ones that have similarities to your unique situation. 

Here is an example. If you are a new homebuyer, the prospective agent needs to have considerable experience working with new homebuyers. If not, how could they possibly relate to you and your specialized needs.  

Another example is if you want to buy an investment property or even your dream luxury home! It is important that your real estate agent understand these specific types of situations and are able to guide you with the specific requirements of each one. 

What Plan Does Your Real Estate Agent Have To Communicate With You?

There is no faster route to frustration with a real estate agent than a lack of clear concise communication between the two of you. You have to find a real estate agent that is committed to keeping you informed and touching base with you constantly. Without this, it is very probable that you will not get what you want. So how does this translate to selection criteria?

First make sure you actually get along with the agent and that you can communicate with them freely. Second, you need to make sure the agent can communicate with you in a myriad of ways including phone, text, and email. Third, find out what other people have said concerning the agent? This includes speaking to actual people who have experienced what you are about to experience. In addition to people you know, also check out reviews online. Checking out what other people have to say is important.

Do You Know The Real Estate Professional’s Negotiating Style? 

Negotiation is a big part of any real estate deal. You want to make sure the agent you select has a negotiating style that closely mirrors yours. This will help to increase your comfort level with the chosen agent. 

What Is The Prospect Agent’s Marketing Style And How Are They Going To Market YOUR Home?

What marketing style does the agent plan to use buying or selling your home? All the charisma and rapport in the world is great. You still need a sophisticated and effective marketing program to back up all that enthusiasm. Make sure your prospective real estate agent has one ready for you. Make sure it includes a lineup of both online and traditional marketing strategies. 

Does The Prospective Agent Understand The Hampton Roads Market? 

If your prospective agent does not have experience in Hampton Roads, get a new agent. Hampton Roads is not like any other market you have dealt with. Make sure they understand the ins and outs of this area. This includes a strong understanding of:

  • Schools
  • Events And Activities
  • True Cost of Living
  • Local Amenities
  • Traffic

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